To Experience and Share Emotions at the Table

We value the raw materials that nature offers us

We believe that what we eat is important, and we believe that sustainability and respect for the environment starts with the grocery list. We are sure that there is nothing better than the products of our land; for this reason, we select with great care our suppliers, chosen among certified organic farms that work, respecting the ecosystem, and promoting biodiversity. We know these people, we appreciate them, and we treat them as friends, as they do with us.

We buy fruits and vegetables in Marmora, San Damiano e Dronero and we buy our meat in Caraglio. Cheeses come from all over the valley, flours come from the mill Mulino della Riviera and this goes for all of our ingredients.

And for those products that need to be imported? We choose Fair Trade products.

We are open from March 30 to November 1
Lunch on Saturday and Sunday only with set menu
Dinner every evening with set and a la carte menus

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