The Scents of the Forest and the Pampering of the Water

Peiro e bosc aigo e aire bon… arpausa la ment e lou corp

Designed to improve physical and mental well-being, our route is designed to be completed, with slow and regular steps, in about half an hour.

Walking barefoot improves blood circulation, balance, posture, back pain, reduces stress and increases the sense of physical and mental freedom. 

A true journey into nature: polished river stones, grass, fir cones, larch logs. And then the springs, with the small pools of cold water (4 to 7 degrees).

Discover the benefits of BareFooting and regain your balance with our trail

The dry walkways

From crushed mountain stones via house stones, river pebbles, and conifer and chestnut bark, a nature walk that absorbs aches, restores energy, and reactivates circulation.

Walk slowly on the grass to rest your mind and body; stop and drink from the spring savoring its purity.

And at the end of the trail, five vats with stream water flowing from five different woods await you.

From the cherry tree, water dips into the local stone grind that massages the soles of the feet.
From the alder gushes in the river gravel that revitalizes circulation.
From maple falls into volcanic lapillus rich in substances that help skin regeneration.
From the ash tree it roars among the revitalizing river stones. From the larch tree it dips into glass gems that caress and relax the foot.

The two pools

Continue on the green path of Poa Pratensis, whose softness relaxes the body and prepares it to soak in the warm waters of the two large pools. Be lulled by the aroma of mountain pine and juniper from the first one that detoxifies and relaxes.

Stomp on straw and tree branches to revitalize your body before diving into the peppermint-scented tub.

Free from your thoughts, walk on the last stretch of Festuca Grass that restores energy to the body with its tenacity, and continue to relax in our garden, perhaps reading a good book and herbal tea…

The route has a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes

The cost is 25€ per person and must be booked in advance by guests staying in the house.

The space is open from 8:45 a.m. to 7:45 p.m.

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