Ideal for those who want to spend a day relaxing, lying lazily in the sun perhaps after a good meal with Occitan flavors, with happy children playing on the shores of the lake. An easy easy walk recommended for families.
How do you get to this little oasis of peace?

Follow the del vallone di Marmora road as far as beyond borgata Tolosano; proceed through the long series of hairpin bends until you come out into the Gias Lauset prairie; past the straight stretch that abuts the mountain again, just across the bridge over the main brook you will find the parking lot on the left.

You can get there easily by car and with a short 15-minute walk in sparse larch forest reaches Resile Lake.

If you want to go on a nice hike from the Inn, you set off in the direction of San Sebastiano on the paved road to reach the eponymous Chapel from which the Occitan trail marked with yellow notches by initially following the dirt road that always skirts the Rio Marmora and then on high turn into a path.

After about 2 hours we arrive at Gias Lausetto where the landscape opens up with a splendid view of the Vallone di Marmora and further on toward Monviso. Crossing a footbridge across the Rio after 10 minutes we arrived at the Lake.

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