Wood and Stone for a Relaxing and Enveloping Stay

Wood, Stone, Tradition, and Innovation We have conceived and designed Lou Pitavin to host you in a cozy and familiar atmosphere. We have taken care of each detail, so that everything will be relaxing, enchanting and comforting.

Our rooms offer different options for your overnight accommodation: we have double, triple, quadruple rooms or dormitories to host groups, too, in a comfortable and pleasant way.

All our rooms will welcome you with stone pine cladding which has a relaxing effect and thanks to its pleasant scent it improves the quality of sleep, transforming your every stay into a regenerating experience for body and mind.

Choose where to rest and enjoy the vacation

The Lou Pitavin Inn offers two types of rooms to choose from: the Deluxe Repaus Room and the Ensemo “Refuge Style” Room


To the comfort of the pine wood with which all the rooms are lined, we have added an essential and elegant design, spacious and bright rooms, and a full range of quality services to make your stay more enjoyable.

🏔️ Mountain View

⛅ Balcony

🚻 Bathroom in room

🔥 Wall/floor heating

Free Wi-Fi

🅿️ Free Parking


“Refuge-style” rooms suitable for groups and families.

6 beds available and one shared-use en-suite bathroom. It is compulsory to have a sheet bag or sleeping bag.

🚻 Shared bathroom in the room

Free Wi-Fi

🅿️ Free Parking


Stone pine reigns supreme in our rooms.

Also called stone pine or zyrm, Pinus cembra L. is a needle-leaved evergreen tree in the genus Pinus, up to 25 meters tall with a cylindrical-conical crown.

Scientific studies have confirmed the extent to which stone pine (which contains vitamin C, resin, turpentine, and pinosylvin) has positive effects on mental and physical well-being and human health: its properties would include the ability to improve blood circulation, regularize heart rate, stimulate the mind and body, and improve sleep quality.

Children from us are welcome!

Find out about discounts and offers related to the little puppies you would like to bring to us.

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