Passion, Love and Research

In the kitchen: Valeria

My cooking involves study and research. For me, to study means to discover again the wonders of a culinary tradition with ancient roots, handed down by mothers and grandmothers; it means to learn new techniques.

Research means to find inspiration for new experimentation, to create innovative combinations, paying special care for seasonality.

For me, cooking is passion and love.

I love the wild herbs growing around our home and in the nearby woods. I love desserts and I love my two specials: the chamomile and the fir honeydew “semifreddi”.



We like to add special value to the beginning of the day, with a rich, nutritious and seasonal breakfast.

Homemade cakes, bread, crispbread, fruit marmalades, cheese and cured meats chosen with care among our friendly group of small producers. This is our way to say: “Good morning!”


The smell of freshly baked bread… Do you know it?

Making bread requires dedication, knowledge and passion: we love making bread!

Our bread is made with sourdough starter, stone-ground whole grain flours, rich in fiber, flavorful and baked in a wood oven after a slow leavening.


We are open from April 8 to November 1
Lunch on Saturday and Sunday only with set menu
Dinner every evening with set and a la carte menus

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