The classical approach to the lago Tempesta takes place from the Grange Chiot, arriving at the end of the dirt road that climbs from the Parrocchia di Marmora and parking in the terminal basin that precedes the extensive cultivations of medicinal plants (the prized genepy, from which the princely liquor of our mountains is made, tied with that made from yarrow).

Climbing up from the path that comes off to the right at the height of the first huts, right in the middle of the basin, one always stays on the western side of the depression produced by an ephemeral stream (in late summer it is dry).

After skirting some abandoned huts, a steep ramp quickly leads us to the exit of the gully, to the right of which a very short ascent takes us to the glacial basin with the characteristic Lago Tempesta.

Due to the speed of the hike, after a stop, it is recommended to ascend through meadows on the Punta Piovosa, and then re-enter following the nearly level grassy watershed of the Vallone del Tibert, on the western slope to the Monte Cialme e alla Rocca del Passo: a path in the meadows from here will take us back to the starting point

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