Wood and Stone, Tradition and Design

Lou Pitavin: “ClimaHotel-KlimaHotel”

We have conceived and designed Lou Pitavin to host you in a cozy and familiar atmosphere. We have taken care of each detail, so that everything will be relaxing, enchanting and comforting.

Our rooms offer different options for your overnight accommodation: we have double, triple, quadruple rooms or dormitories to host groups, too, in a comfortable and pleasant way.

Lou Pitavin gives you the opportunity to discover the wonders of an ancient culinary tradition: the Occitan-Provenzal tradition, wisely reinterpreted: ravioles, civet, aïoli: unique moments of passionate cooking.

Lou Pitavin is the first certified hotel “ClimaHotel-KlimaHotel” in the northwest of Italy. A ClimaHotel is characterized for its smart use of energy, resources, and building materials. A sustainable holiday, respecting the valley’s culture. A sustainable vacation while respecting the local culture.

Enjoy the silence, listen to the creek, walk slowly, imagine yourself relaxing...

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