Rest, cuisine and nature

Lou Pitavin is the first certified hotel “ClimaHotel-KlimaHotel” in the northwest of Italy. A ClimaHotel is characterized for its smart use of energy, resources, and building materials. A sustainable holiday, respecting the valley’s culture. A sustainable vacation while respecting the local culture.

At the Inn: Our Family

We believe it is the small attentions that give the pleasant impression that to arrive at Lou Pitavin is to arrive at a place where hospitality is authentic, where hospitality comes from the heart.


Can I tell you a story? The path that brought us here…


We created our garden dream for you.

Each corner is a new discovery: we observe English roses blooming, chamomile growing, and we breathe in the thymus’ scent.

Every day, we stop to observe if a new flower has bloomed during the night, and we never tire of observing the wonders of nature.

We are sure that you will be amazed, too, and you will be able to enjoy moments of silence and listen to the water and the wind, which will cradle you as you rest among the intoxicating perfumes.

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